Lighting Design for Your Home

When building a new home or remodeling an existing one, lighting design can make all the difference. There is no point in paying for highly detailed finish carpentry, picking the perfect paint color, or decorating in a way that conveys feeling if you don’t highlight these final aspects of construction with the appropriate lighting.

Three types of interior home lighting

Lighting design has everything to do with the purpose of each individual room. In order to get the optimal effect, there are three types of interior home lighting strategies that can be used:

Task Lighting

Illuminates specific areas for the purpose of working. A good example might be kitchen counters, home office or bathroom mirror. Task lighting needs to be bright and direct, illuminating the subject without casting shadows.

Ambient Lighting

A mid-level illumination technique that distributes light evenly across the room so that there are no dark corners. Well-designed ambient light eliminates the need for table lamps and other supplemental lighting unless desired.

Accent Lighting

A technique that uses bright light to call attention to certain architecture or objects in the room. Accent lighting can create dimensional perception such as making a room appear taller or lighting a hallway to accentuate depth. Accent lighting may also be used in safety applications such as stair lighting.

LED lighting is a game-changer in lighting design

Perhaps no other area of electrical supply has advanced as quickly as LED lighting. While it’s been around for 20 years, in the past several years we have seen remarkable advancements in the size, number of color options, and color rendering index of LEDs. There are so many options today, that LED lighting really can meet the requirements of any lighting situation. It is our go-to and the only type of lighting we install unless a client requests otherwise. Plus, with such a low operational cost, you can show off your new cabinet lights or soffit lighting every day without thinking twice about your electric bill.

Create a new space without remodeling!

What if you have no plans to remodel? Can you still brighten the space you’re living in with new lighting? The answer is unequivocal “yes”!

At Berube Electric, we specialize in retrofitting existing homes with new interior and exterior lighting. Whether you have bedrooms without ceiling lights, a kitchen that’s too dark or you need to light up your yard, we have the answer. We use years of practical experience in both lighting design and install to help bring new life into any space we work on.

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