Energy-Efficient Electrical Upgrades for the Modern Home

We can’t help but notice the increasing demand for energy-efficient electrical upgrades in residential electrical work over the past several years. With inflation and the cost of energy skyrocketing, homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient.

There is an awareness and concern for the environment driving this trend as well. If you “get it from a plug, not a pipe,” chances are you are reducing your carbon footprint. According to this study, homeowners can save as much as $1800 a year and also receive rebates or tax credits by making the change to energy-efficient appliances and/or electrical upgrades.

Here are some of the most popular energy-efficient electrical upgrades we offer:

LED Lighting

The technology behind LED lighting has advanced so much that it is now a far superior product to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. It’s so good that LED lighting is all that we install here at Berube Electric, unless requested otherwise. LED fixtures can last 20 years without replacing a single bulb and save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs.

Smart Thermostat

Years ago, programmable thermostats were all the rage. They are still a good investment over the traditional manual-dial type; however, for just a little more money you can have the option to control your home heating and cooling from your Wi-Fi device with a smart thermostat. According to this study done by Nest, homeowners can save 10%-12% on heating costs and up to 15% on cooling costs by using a Smart Thermostat.

Wi-Fi Controlled Switches and Motion Sensors

The next step up in controlling energy costs is to install Wi-Fi controlled switches to those areas in your home that get the most use. Did your kids leave their lights on again? No problem! You can see which lights are on and control them from your device wherever you are.

Or, install motion sensor-controlled switches that will do the job for you and turn the lights on and off automatically when someone is in the area.

Whole House Energy Monitors

Whole house energy monitors help to optimize the energy efficiency of your home. This Wi-Fi controlled device tracks the electricity usage in your entire home and delivers reports to your smartphone in real time, telling you which appliances are using the most energy and when. This smart home technology can even identify appliances with faulty parts that may be using more electricity than they should.