Home Additions and Remodeling

Home additions and remodeling projects are similar to new construction in that they are often managed by a general contractor and the open framing allows for an opportunity to wire-in just about every amenity before the sheetrock goes up. There are permits to be pulled, municipal inspections, and a variety of contractors working together.

But that’s about it. Building an addition on a home or remodeling part of an existing structure differs from new construction in several key areas:

  • Smaller space work environment
  • Homeowners can be more involved in the project
  • Limited building plans or no plans at all
  • Extra cleanliness and daily cleanup required while working in an inhabited space

While these conditions can bring about different challenges than a ground-up project would, they really can be used to the customers advantage to get everything exactly the way they want it in their new space.

At Berube Electric, we enjoy the creativity and the challenge of working with existing spaces.

When a homeowner is putting an addition on their home, remodeling their kitchen or bath, or finishing their basement they are usually very excited about it. Chances are they have lived in the home for years and this vision has been a long time in the making. Our electricians are polite and respectful of being in someone’s home and will go the extra mile in making sure they love every aspect of the finished product.

When it comes to electrical layout and lighting design, the general contractor may know exactly what the client wants. In that case, we work directly with them. Other times, a remodeling contractor will have us work directly with the customer. We are always happy to work with the client on the electrical layout and lighting design in whatever capacity they choose.

Electrical services for additions and remodeling projects are often about design-build.

There aren’t always architect plans to work from when remodeling. You never know what you can find when you pull off the sheet rock. There is a technical component to these wiring challenges – but there is also a creative element; both of which we enjoy very much. Hiring an electrical contractor who communicates efficiently and keeps the customer’s best interest in mind can be the difference between an average and an amazing addition or remodel project. We want every project we take on to be a reflection of our knowledge and abilities, with a finished product that is portfolio-worthy!